Ephesus Commercial Agora

It is one of the two Agoras located in Ephesus with 11,000sqm of size. There were shops on 4 sides of the Agora. It was built on the Hellenistic period and enlarged on the Roman period. It was the biggest shopping area on that period. St Paul worked as a tent maker in the Commercial Agora with Priscilla and Aquila.

In the Hellenistic time the Commercial Agora of Ephesus was open only one day of the week.In the Roman Period the Agora was open every day. It was very close to the port and there was a direct connection to the Harbour Street. On four sides there were columned galleries and the floor was paved with mosaics. The center of the Agora was uncovered and paved with marble slabs. There was the Serapis Temple at the north of the Agora. This temple is the second Egyptian temple in Ephesus.