Jewish Heritage

Judaism is one of the oldest religions in the world. In the ancient cities in Turkey, there were Jewish settlements as well as Paganism and there were defiantly synagogues in the cities. 

In addition to hundreds of paganism necessarily a Jewish settlement in the ancient city in Turkey and synagogues in the city has been located.  Judaism, which was the first of the Abrahamic religions, spread throughout Anatolia in ancient times. Abraham is from Urfa. Job also lived in Urfa. Apart from this, the Jews who had to flee from Spain during the Ottoman period in 1492 were welcomed and they were mostly settled in Istanbul and Izmir. Thus, important synagogues are still active in Izmir and especially in Istanbul. 

In our Jewish Tours in Turkey, there are visits to the big cities where some important Jewish settlements are located and the synagogues are still active. Please contact us for more information or your request.