Hadrian's Temple

It is one of the Roman Emperor Temples. Hadrian the Emperor of Rome visited Ephesus twice. Such a beautiful Temple was built honor of him in the 2nd Century AD. Hadrian’s Temple is one of the best ruins in Ephesus and was restored recently. The Hadrian’s Temple was converted into a Christian church in the 4th Century AD.

There are great friezes on the temple displaying a wonderful craftsmanship. The bust of Tyche is visible on the arch. Tyche is the goddess of fortune that’s why her Roman name is Fortune. Inside the frieze Medusa is visible. Also other friezes are telling about the Amazons, Androklos and the Imperial family which are visible. The last mentioned ones are pilasters and the originals are in the Museum in Ephesus/Selcuk. In front of the temple there are four basements. There were statues of Roman Emperor on each of them.