Ephesus Theatre

It is the biggest ancient theater in Turkey with a capacity of 24.000 seats. It was built 4th Century BC.  It took 60 years to build this huge Theater of Ephesus. It was a Greek Theater which had been converted into a Roman Theatre. There was a three storied stage building, erected in different times and paid by different Roman Emperor.

The Stage was added in the Roman Period. The drainage for rainwater is still visible. This Theater is also the place where St. Paul was protested by the Silversmith Demetrius and his friends. There was a big demonstration against him as he was against Goddess Artemis. Today this Theater is also famous for modern events and concerts. Popular singers such as Elton John, Chris de Burg, Lionel Richie, Joan Baez, Julio Elyases, Pavarotti, Sting and Madonna gave concerts in this Theater of Ephesus.