Trajan's Fountain

It is the only monumental fountain in Ephesus, built for a Roman Emperor. It is located on the Curetes Street and built in the beginning of the 2nd Century. It is 9 and half meters tall with 2 storey. It was dedicated to Trajan the Roman Emperor and Goddess Artemis.

In the Roman period Ephesians built a 39 km long aqueduct to supply water. This aqueduct arrived Ephesus were Trajan’s fountain was erected. Water was running into to the center of the pool where the huge statues of the emperors were situated. Today only feet of the statues are visible. The statue of Trajan was three times bigger than other statues, since he was a God. Other Statues found in the excavations are displayed in the Ephesus museum. The final restoration in Trajan’s Fountain made in 1958. There are main pool and smaller second pool. The drainage is visible and water was running into to central sewer.